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Brendan made the following statement on his official website about this particular section (which you can find all of his recommendations below via the links and order they were originally posted) :

“March 21, 2002

Well this is a new section where every week or so, meaning whenever I please, I’m going to offer up a favorite of mine, whether it be a book, website, movie, album, etc. I’ll be giving a little background info on it and such and you can then follow it up with a chat if you please both praising or bashing the choice where upon a rage will grow within me due to all your idiotic opinions, even for those in agreement (that’s right I don’t need any allies) and I will then discontinue this weekly outing of mine and let you all take this guilt with you to the grave.

Hope you like it!”

I have been given permission by Brendan to re-post all of these here. Posts are listed in order by date.


April 20, 2002 – A review and recommendation

May 12, 2002 – Until I think up of something to review

August 13, 2002 – Questions answered

August 13, 2002 – A quickie (wouldn’t that be nice?)

September 24, 2002 – Quick Update

October 14, 2002 – Two books with one review