Indiegogo The B+T fundraiser is going at 180% and Brendan and Majandra have extended the campaign for as long as you all keep making donations per indiegogo. Keep it going!.

Below are the following updates on the campaign with screencaps in the gallery. Updates are from Instagram. The Screencaps for the IG Live videos are HERE.

Instagram: The IG Live August 28, 2021 Majandra makes an appearance in this one.

Also check out this interview from Keith Jardine about his short film “El Paso 11:55” that Brendan stars in. Check out the interview at the source here and the quote below.

Jardine, 45, recently wrapped filming on a small budget neo-noir 25-minute short titled “El Paso 11:55” in which he had to do “basically everything” and where factors like sunset and sunrise times were enough to set him on edge. With a hoped-for release date of September, the initial goal is to get the film shown at South by Southwest and Sundance, to grab the attention of both investors and the industry’s major players.